I am shopping around the rights to my stories, mainly the Zombie Raptor story "Of Children", and was in a discussion with someone and they asked who I saw playing my characters. Unfortunately this was not a buyer, so this isn't a spoiler thread its a ohh-shiny-want thread. 

I thought since I didn't have much news going on I would share my answers with you guys! There isn't usually much I can post that allows comments in here, I think it would be neat if it gave me a chance to get some feedback from you guys! Who do you want to see play my characters? (Just as a note, who I would like to see play my characters does not reflect my favorite actors, just who I think fits them. I love Johnny Depp but couldn't see him being in any of my current characters shoes. Though, to be honest, it wouldn't upset me!) 99% of the budget would probably go to using a couple of these stars for the short films...I didn't say they were realistic!

(There are also some insights and a little bit of story spoilers, so if you haven't read Moonlit Daydreams yet, go buy a copy at Smashwords for $1 and read through it first.)

I. Of Children- Dr. Shaver is an interesting character that has a lot of layers. She has worked really hard at creating something that she is terrified and proud of, for a cause she isn't sure about. While the story isn't long I would want someone who could be intense to play her. She is a freaking mad scientist, not just a bimbo about to be slaughtered. She would also need to be strong in the feminine sense, someone who can make you feel sorry for her and actually bring some emotion into it. I would choose Jennifer Love Hewitt because she is an extremely soft actor but she also would look sexy smart in a lab coat. 

II. Hunger- Sarah is a character that really hates herself and while the reader may not feel sorry for her, she is caught in her own downward spiral. Helena Bonham Carter could be amazing in this role. I don't even feel like I need to explain why, so I am gonna go with "just.cause.want". 

III. Midnight Strolls- Honna is a strong woman, if not an insane murderous one. While I never really understood the Angelina Jolie fever, I think she would be a wonderful interpretation of Honna. Leigh is the only other person in this story that really matters and I think that Candice Accola could really play that part. In case you don't know who that is, I linked to a fan page. She plays Caroline on The Vampire Diaries and if you only saw season one, you haven't seen anything from the girl. She has really blossomed as an actress in the second season and she plays her character so well you forget she is acting. 

IV. Love- Husband & Wife. These characters names are never spoken but their names are Paul & Anna. The person I was disscussing character choices with seemed to think that if I chose Helena Bonham Carter for a role it should be this one, but her acting is too *something*...she is too strong of a character when she is on your screen. This is an amazing quality in everyone except for Anna. Anna has to be able to be muted and broken. In my mind she has been dead for a long time, long before Paul helped her on her way. She is almost like a background torment for Paul. I couldn't see casting anyone as her other than myself, because I see my faults in her. It could be my cameo ;-) On a more squee worthy note, I would want Paul to be played by Matthew Gray Gubler. Really, seriously...am not kidding. And its not just because I have a crush on him. Did you see him in "How to be a Serial Killer?" I wanna see him as a sympathetic 'bad guy'. 

V. Special- I did not name this character, not even in my head. To me she is a number locked away somewhere. I assume if she did have a name, it was likely Amber or some other such nonsense before she ended up in her current situation. At this point she is the Number 13 on a door somewhere in a basement government prison, there to be studied but not understood. She is a beautiful, graceful teenager. I hate the thought of late 20 or 30 somethings playing 16 year olds, so I had to think really hard on who could play this part. Who could make a nameless, shifting mass into a sympathetic character? Vanessa Hudgens seems that quality about her, even if she is 22. 

also, a bonus! Some pics from the Salisbury Zombie Walk Boy Eats Gurl played at, I will post more later on: