I was trying to wait until I heard back from ConCarolinas before posting anything public but I don't want anyone to buy a badge just to come see me so I have to go ahead and make the announcement. (Though i recommend attending without me as they have lots planned)

I unfortunately will not be able to attend ConCarolinas 2012 this year. I became ill a couple weeks ago and am still recovering now. I was going to push through and come hang out with all you awesome people but unfortunately we had a loss in the family last week. 

My uncle Jeff's death has been very hard on my family for a variety of reasons and it was the straw that broke the camels back for me as far as being able to attend Con. There is more information about my uncles death that I will be discussing publicly soon, as it is very important to share some of those details so that maybe in the future we can save someone else. 

Any media contact friends/fans/followers that I have please contact me. I may contact you first, but I have a busy few days and you contacting me would be a small favor. 

As a side note Sunlit Nightmares is being released Mid-June now. More info soon.
Love's Falls was supposed to be a good sized novelette that would have hopefully been on everyone's kindle by Dec 2010. 

As time restraints, and other things, pressed on I moved back the release to January of this year. To apologize for delays I decided to make it free.

Right now the much shorter, but hopefully enjoyable, story is being edited and formatted. It will be available by January 31st.

This is my first shot at something that isn't mostly horror, my first attempt to make a strictly 'thriller' collection. I am kinda nervous about how it is turning out so far and I have a favor to ask of all of you...

Download it! As soon as I have a link available, I am trying for ASAP, I will start sharing and I want everyone to download a copy and ask their friends to as well! 

If you have a kindle, the kindle version will do me the most good, but even just the pdf version from smashwords would help me out greatly. 

More information on the next stories, which without excuse will be over 7500 words each, will be posted within the next two weeks. 

In August of 2010 I was supposed to release my first foray into 'mystery' with the story "Loves Falls". This was to be released as an eBook that would then be included in a larger print volume. I had to push this deadline back to January 1st 2011. Because I hated to do this, I decided that I will be publishing "Love's Falls" as a free eBook on all platforms. 

I just wanted to say thanks for your patience and there will beore info coming soon!

P.S. Did you know a physical copy of Moonlit Daydreams makes the perfect stocking stuffer for that horror fan of yours? 
I have been more or less missing for a couple months and I want to keep you all updated on what is going on!
  • Sunlit Nightmares has been pushed back due to recent events. You can now expect the first part of this series available as an ebook on December 1st, 2010. Special announcement on this soon!
  • Moonlit Daydreams made it to #30 on Amazons Kindle Horror►Occult; previously it had peaked at #70. Unfortunately, previous ranks are not available so I cant see whom I was beating out!
  • My hopes to raise money for a local Indie store have kinda been beaten down, but this doesn't mean I am giving up! I will be announcing more info soon!

Also, many of you know that I have been managing a band...Boy Eats Gurl...what most of you don't know is that it is my goal to get them touring very soon! Please keep your eye out, I am going to be posting some great info soon!

An old aquaintance of mine has a kickstarter project that is getting close to over and he is half way funded! Lets show our support for independent horror for Joe Monks and The Bunker