I have listed a new review from Undead In The Head on the main page. Lyle who did the review is awesome, and also did an interview, so go check it out!

I also got a review from The Deepening, and I am going to link it here. I don't think the author thought I would post it, but I wanted to talk about something that he brought up:

The print cost of my book. 

I understand that the cost of the print copy is high. I wanted to sell it for $6.99, but I had to make a choice. Do I choose to make it available through retail for a higher price or do I lose that market all together and hope I can find someone to buy it for the $7? I chose to go retail, and the markup and price you see is set by Amazon. So, in this regard, I do not agree with his comments about the cost of the book. I did not choose to mark it up this high to cover my costs or make a higher profit. I have a very small profit margin on my book, the profit on the eBooks is much higher. This is also why I chose to make all formats of eBooks available for $.99.

The books size also plays into it's cost, it is not standard. 

I did not want standard because there is nothing standard about my book. These stories are the way I created them and I wanted to pay homage to the original horror pocket books in my work. Those books were about the same size, with slightly smaller print. The books had about 7500 words while mine is around 5000. If you haven't seen those, check them out!

I submitted my book for reviews for two reasons:

To take criticism for the next one and to get promotion. I had no fear of, and looked forward to, honest reviews. I think that even a bad review is promotion, so there is no need in fearing it. I know that criticism is the only way to get better, so there is no need in rejecting it. I have yet to get a review that says my book is bad, and that makes me feel all kinds of fuzzy's inside. The ratings have been a solid 3 out of 5 and that to me, for my first real book, means a lot. 

Self publishing comes at a cost, the cost of your book. If you want to deride me for being a new author, a self published author, an inexperienced author...I can take that. The cost of my work, however, is not a place to go. My content is what I want reviewed, not my business practices. A simple "The print costs run too high for my taste, but the eBooks are more reasonable" would have sufficed, but I felt almost attacked at the wording about the cost of my book. I hope the reviewer can do as I do, and take constructive criticism well. 

I want those of you who purchased my book in any format, or who plan to, to know that I appreciate the support. I also want you to know that I do not bend to what others think. My stories are original in a time when nothing is, they don't fit in with mainstream literature and that does come at a higher price.

My audience are the ones who understand that and I appreciate everything.
I also wanted to take this time to remind everyone that LULU has my book with free shipping right now! 

Hearts and spiderwebs,





Sorry about the silence...I had two weekends of vacation! A lot has happened while I was gone....

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