"Love's Falls" is finally available for free through smashwords in virtually all ebook formats. It is currently awaiting distribution acceptance. 

Please share the link with your friends, family and followers. After all, it is free. 

This was my first try at doing something that was not horror and I am not sure how I feel about the outcome. I am in love with the idea but have to admit that I am not 100% on the outcome. The story is as good as it could be, I would never release anything that I thought I could work on, but I just feel like it is missing something artistically. 

Love's Falls was supposed to be a good sized novelette that would have hopefully been on everyone's kindle by Dec 2010. 

As time restraints, and other things, pressed on I moved back the release to January of this year. To apologize for delays I decided to make it free.

Right now the much shorter, but hopefully enjoyable, story is being edited and formatted. It will be available by January 31st.

This is my first shot at something that isn't mostly horror, my first attempt to make a strictly 'thriller' collection. I am kinda nervous about how it is turning out so far and I have a favor to ask of all of you...

Download it! As soon as I have a link available, I am trying for ASAP, I will start sharing and I want everyone to download a copy and ask their friends to as well! 

If you have a kindle, the kindle version will do me the most good, but even just the pdf version from smashwords would help me out greatly. 

More information on the next stories, which without excuse will be over 7500 words each, will be posted within the next two weeks. 

I just noticed today that while my ranking for Kindle sales is about 20,000 right now, I am in the top 100 bestsellers for the horror>occult category!

*drum roll*


Cool. Cause you know...that isn't even barely squeaking by.

So now I can technically say I am a bestselling Occult Horror author on Kindle.

Hey, I said technically. Let me gloat.

AND...How about this. If you guys can get me into the top ten by then end of May I will release all four novelettes I am working on in FREE eBook format when they are ready, as they are ready.