I was trying to wait until I heard back from ConCarolinas before posting anything public but I don't want anyone to buy a badge just to come see me so I have to go ahead and make the announcement. (Though i recommend attending without me as they have lots planned)

I unfortunately will not be able to attend ConCarolinas 2012 this year. I became ill a couple weeks ago and am still recovering now. I was going to push through and come hang out with all you awesome people but unfortunately we had a loss in the family last week. 

My uncle Jeff's death has been very hard on my family for a variety of reasons and it was the straw that broke the camels back for me as far as being able to attend Con. There is more information about my uncles death that I will be discussing publicly soon, as it is very important to share some of those details so that maybe in the future we can save someone else. 

Any media contact friends/fans/followers that I have please contact me. I may contact you first, but I have a busy few days and you contacting me would be a small favor. 

As a side note Sunlit Nightmares is being released Mid-June now. More info soon.
So I have finally started to do all of those things  I have been promising. Ready to hear some of what has been keeping me in hiding?
First I wanted to let you know that moonlit daydreams is available for free through July 31st at Smashwords. If you have not downloaded a copy yet you now have no excuse.

Secondly, those who are local to me I will be holding a "Campfire Stories for Grownups" at Oak Tree Coffee in Kannapolis on July 31st. I will be telling a story or two then opening up for others to share. I will also be holding a book raffle and 50% of raffle proceeds will go to charity.

Thirdly, I finally broke the ice and posted an intro video to my Success in Self Publishing series. I will be putting out videos every saturday for at least the next 5 weeks on different topics. Please excuse the lighting, we were seeing how well it worked (it didn't). Also, pardon my boobs.

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that you will be hearing a lot more from me. I have acquired three wonderful assistants, all of whom I will introduce to you later, to do the background things so I can focus on writing and speaking with you guys. It will always be me on social media or this blog and if for any reason it isn't it will say so. 

Lots more news coming soon- I have been busy!
I was recently made aware that the corrected versions of Moonlit Daydreams were not actually corrected. This was an error on my part and I beg for your forgiveness and have a peace offering to those of you who had to put up with the crazy formatting...

If you email me your third party receipt (kindle, apple, B&N) I will send you a corrected version.

If you purchased through smashwords you can access the latest version through your dashboard.

The new version of Moonlit Daydreams eBook will be available within the next couple of days directly through Amazon.


ConCarolinas is this weekend! I am excited- please make sure to view the previous news post for my schedule. I will be a guest on four of the panels and moderating the "Too much of a good thing" panel. I arrive at the con around 5pm on Friday.

I will be setting up a second print edition of Moonlit Daydreams with a few fixes and alterations. This will be completed by the end of the week. I will send out a tweet when I am done...

Speaking of tweets...make sure you are following me @moonlithorrors

This is where I ramble about things but also sometimes let you know about what is going on. I've heard rumors of prizes being dispersed through this medium as well!


The free stories I have released "The Dead Rule the Day" and "Love's Falls" will be available for free through Amazon by the beginning of next week.


That seems to be it. Since I got a wonderful new banking job I will have a lot of time to update you guys and get back on my feet. Look for a lot more coming from me in the second half of 2011.
I will be a Guest at ConCarolinas 2011 and I am very excited! As soon as I have any information I will update everyone, make sure you are following me on Twitter!