I made a recent (ish) announcement that I would be releasing a book on my birthday, Jan 26th, and I want to say that to date it is the most amazing thing i have ever created. It is well written, suspenseful, and I am sure  that it will leave anyone who reads it pleasantly uncomfortable. Unfortunately it is not complete and I feel like I would be cheating both myself and you to release it right now. 

I have known for a few weeks but I was hoping I could somehow pull a magic trick out of my hat and meet the deadline and I have failed to do so. 

I will keep you updated. Thank you so much for your support.
My web host now has a great mobile app that lets me update news from my phone. Another  tool for me to try and stay connected with!




I didn't realize it had been this long since i made a post that consisted of more than 140 characters! As those of you who follow me on Twitter are aware I have had a rough time over the last couple months. Not only did I have $1700 in unexpected hospital bills but my car was hit in a parking lot and I need to raise $500 for body work. (On top of that my window just cracked but that's another story)

$2200 isn't a lot for some people but for a lot of us it's more than a months salary. I am not the type to ask for handouts but I am not above BEGGING for you to purchase any books/ebooks you haven't purchased yet. As a thank you to anyone who purchases a book by Friday 1/25 I will send you a coupon for a free download of my next ebook release. Just email your receipt to rebeccacarter@myself.com

You can purchase my books through many online retailers, links are available under current works or you can purchase on Smashwords here and Amazon here & here (Sunlit Nightmares & other titles are not showing under my profile at the time. I am researching why.) Amazon print copies will bring me the most easily accessible revenue. 

I will have more news soon! 
I have been asked (after posing a question about next years convention) why I am not doing any conventions this season. The answer is really simple- I am writing. I am doing everything i can to expand my reach, to make myself a better writer and convention guest among other things. So, be paitent with me and I promise I will make all this silence and hiding worth your time. 

keep on buying my things!





I want more twitter followers! I a greedy, follow me @moonlithorrors and if I reach 1500 followers I will give 5 random followers eBook codes for all of my ebooks! 




The new website layout should be up and operational. If you have any issues please let me know.
I am still working on getting the new site layout working so please bear with me for a little while longer.

So I do have some news for you. I promised to share it with you today and for once I am going to fulfill a promise!

1) Sunlit Nightmares will be available in print by July 30th, 2012. Hopefully way before then. I made sure I chose the best options to bring you the collection for the best price possible, $5.99.

2) "The Dead Rule The Day" will be in an upcoming anthology, more information when I have a release date.

3) I found a couple small errors in some of the shorts from Sunlit Nightmares so I will be correcting them. By the end of July all eBooks and shorts will be error free. If you purchased through Smashwords you can automatically download any updated versions free. If you purchased through a third party email me and I will send you the corrected file. More info on this will be posted when I am done.

4) All eBooks will be available on Amazon by the end of July.

There are some more things in the works but those announcements will just have to wait.
I used The Mad Formatter to do the Sunlit Nightmare eBook so I have to now go back on my word and say the eBook is now ready for purchase at Smashwords and the print book will be available in the near future. 

Go download a copy, $1.99 at Smashwords and then check out Lyle at The Mad Formatter if you need anything formatted at all!
This post has been a very long time coming- I know it seems like I keep putting it off. It's not intentional, there has just been a lot going on in my life.

As most of you know I started a new "day job" last november that has a mandatory 50 hour workweek. Those hours make it feel more like a "Morning, Noon, & Night" job and I have not been balancing it very well with all the other things on my plate. My web presence is what I decided to let slip- and I am sure I will regret that in book sales soon, but i want to be really clear that writing is the most important thing to me. I am so glad, and blessed, that any of you will spend your hard earned money on my thoughts so don't think I don't appreciate it. Writing will always just come first.

Sunlit Nightmares took a lot more from me that I expected. The stories didn't want to play out and formatting has been a pain. I have opted to contact a formatting service for the eBook so it will be out later than the print copy. Don't forget all of the stories are available for individual purchase/download through smashwords and multiple retailers (and very soon amazon). Print should be available very soon.

Speaking of print books, most of my print works including anthologies will be available at Dragon*Con this year, I will have more information on that as the time get closer.

Long days and work is not the only thing keeping me from you guys. I have been simultaneously dealing with an increasingly irritating illness (that we should have a grip on soon now that I am working with an internist to find out what is going on) and the unexpected death of my uncle. My uncles death is tragic in so many ways and you will hear more about it as I can release information.

After Sunlit Nightmares is out I am going to focus on a novel and getting some unused shorts/ideas in more anthologies. I was invited to another anthology last year but it has not been released yet.

You know I will keep you all up to date. 

P.S. I should be doing a website revamp within the next couple days so if you come across something wonky just give it a few minutes and refresh.

I was trying to wait until I heard back from ConCarolinas before posting anything public but I don't want anyone to buy a badge just to come see me so I have to go ahead and make the announcement. (Though i recommend attending without me as they have lots planned)

I unfortunately will not be able to attend ConCarolinas 2012 this year. I became ill a couple weeks ago and am still recovering now. I was going to push through and come hang out with all you awesome people but unfortunately we had a loss in the family last week. 

My uncle Jeff's death has been very hard on my family for a variety of reasons and it was the straw that broke the camels back for me as far as being able to attend Con. There is more information about my uncles death that I will be discussing publicly soon, as it is very important to share some of those details so that maybe in the future we can save someone else. 

Any media contact friends/fans/followers that I have please contact me. I may contact you first, but I have a busy few days and you contacting me would be a small favor. 

As a side note Sunlit Nightmares is being released Mid-June now. More info soon.