Now thru November 1st Moonlit Daydreams is 40% off on Lulu!  

No coupon needed just fill your basket with them and laugh manically! 

You mean that isn't how you buy books? At least the ones on sale? No? Really? Oh well, seems like I need to work on my social skills some!
In August of 2010 I was supposed to release my first foray into 'mystery' with the story "Loves Falls". This was to be released as an eBook that would then be included in a larger print volume. I had to push this deadline back to January 1st 2011. Because I hated to do this, I decided that I will be publishing "Love's Falls" as a free eBook on all platforms. 

I just wanted to say thanks for your patience and there will beore info coming soon!

P.S. Did you know a physical copy of Moonlit Daydreams makes the perfect stocking stuffer for that horror fan of yours?