I want to take the time to introduce you to two great people....the first is Tiffany (who didn't want me to share too much with ya'll right now). She did the cover for "The Ill" and is going to be doing some proof reading for me. I'll just say that she is awesome until she has a site together I can share.

The second is Destiny Froste. Destiny is my new Director of Media and Networking- on top of being amazing at keeping me organized she is keeping me grounded. 

This update was way past due but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate everything they have both done!
Unfortunately I have decided to discontinue the (barely started) Success in Self Publishing webseries. I was not able to do videos in the quality I would have wanted to. To say goodbye I filmed this:
As stated in the video I have a story in a great little collection that just came out "31 Nights of Halloween". 
I'm here at Dragon*Con and want to do something special for those of you who are here too. 

Throughout the con I will be tweeting hints about where I am. The first person to find me using a hint gets a coupon code for a free download of "The Ill" 

To get your coupon code you have to reply to me "I see @moonlithorrors at "wherever I am" and come up to me in person and tell me you've spotted me and your twitter handle. I will then be sending out codes at the end of con for people who get one.

Since I am not costuming this year I will update this post with a pic of me every day so you can spot me a little easier: