I was trying to wait until I heard back from ConCarolinas before posting anything public but I don't want anyone to buy a badge just to come see me so I have to go ahead and make the announcement. (Though i recommend attending without me as they have lots planned)

I unfortunately will not be able to attend ConCarolinas 2012 this year. I became ill a couple weeks ago and am still recovering now. I was going to push through and come hang out with all you awesome people but unfortunately we had a loss in the family last week. 

My uncle Jeff's death has been very hard on my family for a variety of reasons and it was the straw that broke the camels back for me as far as being able to attend Con. There is more information about my uncles death that I will be discussing publicly soon, as it is very important to share some of those details so that maybe in the future we can save someone else. 

Any media contact friends/fans/followers that I have please contact me. I may contact you first, but I have a busy few days and you contacting me would be a small favor. 

As a side note Sunlit Nightmares is being released Mid-June now. More info soon.
I released the 4th story for my upcoming Sunlit Nightmares collection, "The Sweetest, Darkest Dreams", on May 1st through Smashwords. You can get it free until tomorrow (May 3rd) using coupon code JL92P. I usually release the stories as free while I make sure formatting works out, so take advantage of my backwards-ness. I will tweet/update Facebook when the story is available through other merchants. 

Sunlit Nightmares will be released while I am at Con Carolina's 2012. I will be a returning guest this year and I signed up for a release party. I haven't heard back a confirmation on a release party there but no matter what it will be released that weekend. 

After this collection I will begin working on a full length novel, of course I will probably keep releasing shorts though anthologies so I will always be updating. I also will let you guys know my Con schedule as soon as I get it. 

Side note: Make sure you guys like me on Facebook. Most people seem to prefer Twitter but it will make me feel loved to have over a thousand on each! I am about to start updating Facebook to take advantage of the new features so get in now and you can say you Liked the page before it was cool.