Sorry about the silence...I had two weekends of vacation! A lot has happened while I was gone....

AnythingHorror has become the first horror site to put up a review of Moonlit Daydreams.

IndieGoGo is a great site that allows for people to look for funding for projects. Please check out our page.

My blog Unofficial Kannapolis is now open, check it out.

Some more good news may be coming soon!
I just noticed today that while my ranking for Kindle sales is about 20,000 right now, I am in the top 100 bestsellers for the horror>occult category!

*drum roll*


Cool. Cause you know...that isn't even barely squeaking by.

So now I can technically say I am a bestselling Occult Horror author on Kindle.

Hey, I said technically. Let me gloat.

AND...How about this. If you guys can get me into the top ten by then end of May I will release all four novelettes I am working on in FREE eBook format when they are ready, as they are ready.
I *love* free things: especially free shipping! If you have been looking for an excuse to buy Moonlit Daydreams go to Lulu and pick up a copy. If you buy over $19.95 in printed materials you automatically get free shipping. No set end date yet so take advantage of it now!

PLEASE buy from Lulu when possible, they help make it easy for independent writers like me to get our name out!
Did you know that you can make money off me and other great authors with barely any work? It's not a scam, it's an affiliate program on smashwords. I give 7 cents of sale to my affiliates, and its automatic! If anyone buys a book through a link you share you get the money in your smashwords account. (They pay every quarter)

Now I am not saying that you have to do this, but I am saying its a good idea. Check out my book on and click on the affiliate information. Thats more than some authors get on their print books and all you did was post a link!
I have posted a small opinion peice on self publishing, it is part 1 of 2 in a series. The next part will be on promoting your self published work.

You can click on the link below to view the article:
Self Publishing Stigma 

This article is a bit of a lead in for a special project I am about to start. More on that to come! 
I am working on a new project which is very special to me. I will post more about it later when I have more details worked out.

I have also added a donation button on the front page. Monies recieved here will be used for promotion and advertisement. Or maybe for food...but you know, no pressure.

The Horror Asylum giveaway ends on May 14th, enter now!

The YSLAR giveaway ends on May 13th, enter now!

The Giveaway on Twitter ends on May 25th, enter now!
I have had quite a few people contact me asking if all the pictures listed in different places are me. (Smashwords, Amazon, here)

The answer is: YES! I dye my hair a lot and I live to change the style. I love to make funny faces. I am insane. Since hair is the thing most people recognize on someone....I guess I dont look the same in a lot of them. Thats me though. Crazy hair and a crazy facial expression? Probably me :-)
Check out to get the latest in Zombie Raptor gear and keep an eye out on Chris Clark's Deviant art page for the ability to buy the cover art as a print!
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