Let's get a quick story update out of the way first. Things Could Be Worse went fast in it's first week but I found out that there were some paragraph issues that may have made it harder to see on some eReaders. This has been corrected. If you already purchased you can download the new version for free. If you haven't bought it yet, why not? 

As you all know by now I will be a guest a MystiCon 2012 next weekend. I have gotten my panel schedule (listed below) but I will also be attending the Bella Morte concert Saturday night. Meet up and dance with me! I'll post more next week, make sure you are following me @moonlithorrors or like my Facebook page for the quickest updates.

11:00 PM
Dogwood 2
The State of Fear
What scares us and keeps us awake all night? Join our horror writers as they discuss the current state of horror fiction and how they scare us silly.  

10:00 AM
Dogwood 2
Sympathy for The Devil - Liking the Bad Guy
We all love to hate the bad guy. The best villains keep fans yearning for more. What makes them so intriguing and how do you write the villain without him/her becoming a caricature.

9:00 PM
Boardroom 1
When True Crime Meets the Occult
What happens when the savvy police investigator meets a zombie? How much do paranormal PIs share in common with crime and forensic novels? Join authors from both sides as they discuss the similarities and differences.

10:00 PM
Spine Tingling Tales
Hear several of our authors share stories of things that go bump in the night. Get ready to scream!   
1:00 PM
Dogwood 1
Books That Should Be A Movie Tolkien fans waited generations to finally see The Lord of the Rings on the big screen. What book would you give to Peter Jackson next?